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sixth generation pa kua chang master

Park Bok Nam maestro di baguazhang

Park Bok Nam (1942) studied the art of Pa Kua Chang for 17 years with his teacher Lu Shui T'ien. During this time (1960-1978) Park did nothing else than studying Pa Kua Chang all day, every day.
When he started training with Lu in 1960, Park was 18 years old. Prior to studying Pa Kua Chang, he had studied Western Boxing in junior high school, however, while fighting with a classmate he was kicked in the side. This incident made him think that he ought to study a pugilistic sport which employed kicking techniques. During high school Park switched from Western Boxing to Tang Soo Do, a korean martial art style. After four years of training, he got a black belt.
Park was a somewhat wild and rebellious young boy employing the practical side of his martial art as the drop of a hat. He was constantly in trouble for fighting and his father, concerned about his son's future, offered him an ultimatum when he graduated from high school. Either he was to become serious about martial arts and find a good teacher to study with, or he was to forget about martial arts altogether and concentrate on his school work. As one might guess, Park chose martial arts.
Park's father was hoping that he could find a martial art teacher for his son who would also teach him that there was more in martial arts than just learning how to win street fights. Inchon had a very large chinese community and Park's father saw many chinese martial artists performing amazing skills. He felt that if his son was to excel at the martial arts, he needed to find a chinese teacher. The elder Park had a sister who lived and worked in Inchon's Chinatown. A few doors down from where Park's aunt lived. A famous martial artist was living there. Park's aunt asked this teacher, Lu Shui Tien, if he would consider teaching her nephew. Lu, who had always and only taught his art to chinese people in Chinatown, said she could send the boy to see him.
Park Bok Nam excelled under the rigorous training regimen imposed by his teacher, and was ultimately chosen by Lu Shui Tien to be his successor. Through his experiences as a student under Lu's watchfull eye, Park developed a very deep and specific Pa Kua Chang training program. Park began teaching in Korea in 1970. He continued the tradition of Lu Shui Tien and became widely-acknowledged for his high level skills as a Pa Kua practitioner and instructor.
From 1979 to 1986, Park took many students to fighting tournaments in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 1987, Park moved to the United States and opened a school in Richmond, Virginia where he established his first school.