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Ch'iang Shan Italia Pa Kua Kung Fu Association A.S.D.

the supreme martial art for self defense and health


pa kua chang and qi gong schedules

Baguazhang classes at Brescia, Milan, Padua and Avellino

Regular classes are held from september to july each year: official starting date is september but new students can join at any time during the year. Classes in Sirmione start in october.

Padua Schedules

Pa Kua Chang / Qi Gong20:00 - 22:00

Sirmione Schedules

SATURDAY (once a month)10:00 - 19:00


At Padua

3 Luigi Configliachi Road at Enrico Fermi College School - Padua.MAP

At Sirmione

Preseglie Road at Le Preseglie Bed & Breakfast - Sirmione (BS).MAP

Intensive classes at Sirmione (BS)

Monthly workshops are held on a week-end per month basis (usually on saturdays). Dates of the next workshops are available in the Seminars and News section.


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