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il baguazhang di Lu Shui Tian

People have inquired about the background of Lu Shui Tian. Park Bok Nam asked Lu Shui Tian about his Pakua/Bagua lineage, and Lu Shui Tian told him that Baguazhang existed before Dong Hai Chuan. Lu Shui Tian said that he learned Bagua primarily from Li Qing Wu, who was from a secret Baguazhang lineage separate from Dong Hai Chuan. After Li Qing Wu passed away, Lu Shui Tian met Wang Dou and learned some of Dong Hai Chuan's method from him. However, because he learned primarily from Li Qing Wu, Lu Shui Tian chose to trace his lineage from Li Qing Wu and not Dong Hai Chuan. The lineage history that he described to Park Bok Nam is provided above. Lu Shui Tian passed away before he had the chance to provide Park Bok Nam with anymore detail than this.

discendenti ufficiali del baguazhang di Lu Shui Tian

Over his many years of teaching Bagua, Park Bok Nam has formally accepted a number of individuals from the U.S, Europe, and Korea into his Baguazhang lineage, the lineage of Lu Shui Tian. These 7th and 8th Generation Lineage Disciples are shown in the official Lu Shui Tian lineage chart, established by Park Bok Nam, which is provided above.


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