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Qi Gong is taught in many Chinese martial arts, in fact, there are more than 3000 existing Qi Gong forms in use today. Since Qi is translated as energy and Gong means hard work, the literal translation is "working on the life force energy".
The intent of all Qi Gong is to increase performance and enhance internal health. However, Ch'iang Shan Pa Kua Chang Qi Gong is not just a form of breathing and meditation; but rather a complete system that provides both increased health and performance enhancement for the martial athlete.
Qi Gong is a branch of Chinese medicine. At Ch'iang Shan Kung Fu School you will study the principles and theories of Chinese medicine in relation to Qi Gong. You will learn about the energetic body that includes the twelve primary organ meridians, extraordinary meridians, subcutaneous and muscular tendon flows.
The organs and the theory of how Qi is gathered, processed into Jing and circulated in the body is also a necessary part of the training. You will discover how Qi causes the blood and the lymph to circulate and how you can clear stagnations of Qi, blood, and lymph for yourself and others. Qi Gong is generally slow rhythmic movement done with several types of breathing and controlled concentration.
We use movement that brings as many joints into play as possible at any one time. There are over thirty different breathing exercises, but in the beginning they are initially practiced separately from the movement until a certain level of expertise is achieved. When the breathing is integrated with the exercises it is done with specific timing in relation to the movements.
Meditation is also practiced separately as well and then used to create the focus and concentration required to make effective movement of the Qi within the exercises. Joint movement, breath, and concentration are all used together to form a real synergy of body, mind and spirit to create high performance, good health and healing.
These types of exercises can be taught to adults of almost any age and have always helped to keep them active and feeling young.